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 Group Classes

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$20 - 1/2 Hour Class | $40 - 1 Hour Class   


Group Class Info


Brian teaches Virtual (Remote) Large Group Classes on ZOOM to people of all ages, levels and abilities all throughout the US and internationally.  ZOOM Large Group Classes allows students to learn on their own instrument safely from home anywhere in the world in a large group setting. 

Large Group Classes focus on a specific topic of Drumming.  Brian teaches topics during Large Group Classes like a virtual classroom.  Students will be muted for the full duration of the class and can only ask questions in the chat.  Students can also ask follow up questions by email.   Each Large Group Class that is scheduled will focus on a specific topic related to drums and percussion.  Some topics and classes may include Rock Drumming, Pop Drumming, Marching Percussion etc..

There will typically be no less than 10 people in a Large Group Class.  Large Group Classes do not have a Max number of students that can participate.  The class will not run unless there are at least 5 people participating. So grab some friends and let's move onward and upward in your drumming journey.  

The Calhoun Music and Drum Academy has a state of the art Virtual Teaching and Recording Studio designed to give students professional level video and audio during drum lessons, resulting in the highest quality interactive educational experience.  

The Calhoun Music and Drum Academy is equipped with 5 Different Camera Angles



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Front Camera

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Overhead Camera

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Side Camera

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Foot Camera

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Practice Pad Camera

Contact Brian to Book Your Group Class (All you need is a practice pad & drum sticks to start)



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