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Online Drum School

Online School Courses are only offered through Private Instruction at this time.  All students who take Private Lessons with Brian through the Calhoun Drum Academy will receive early access to the Beta Version of the Online Drum School!  

The FULL VERSION of the Online School will include in depth video lessons, countless audio and video examples, transcriptions and much, much more!!  The FULL Version will not be available until a date TBD in 2023.

Courses Offered

Reading Courses

- Theory, Reading & Rudiments 101 (Beginner)
- Theory, Reading & Rudiments 201 (Intermediate)
- Theory, Reading & Rudiments 301 (Advanced)  COMING SOON!
- Theory, Reading & Rudiments 401 (Professional) 

Technique Courses

- Hand Technique 101 (Beginner) COMING SOON!
- Drumset Technique 101 (Beginner) 

- Drumset 101 (Beginner) COMING SOON!
- Drumset 201 (Intermediate) COMING SOON!
- Drumset 301 (Advanced)  COMING SOON!
- Drumset 401 (Professional)  

- 50's Rock n' Roll (Professional)
- 60's Classic Rock (Professional)
- 70's Hard Rock & Progressive Rock (Professional)  COMING SOON!
- 80's Modern Rock (Professional)  COMING SOON!
- 90's Grunge & Alternative Rock (Professional)  COMING SOON!
- 2000's Pop Punk & Emo (Professional)  COMING SOON!
- Rock Drumset (Professional)  COMING SOON!

*Additional Courses Coming Soon*
 Pop, Metal, Jazz, Funk, Latin, Classical and Marching Percussion!

Level System & Certificates of Achievement

-  Every Lesson you complete, you will earn 1 Exp. Point
-  Every Level you complete, you will earn an additional 3 Exp. Points
-  Every Course you complete, you will also earn additional Exp. Points 

- Beginner Courses (25 Exp. Points)
- Intermediate Courses (50 Exp. Points)
- Advanced Courses (75 Exp. Points)
- Professional Courses (100 Exp. Points)

Certificates of Achievement will be provided for every course you complete

The Level System helps students track their progress in each area of study.  This helps students identify their strengths and weaknesses

Experience Points helps students determine their overall level as a Drummer

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