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                                           1.  Supervision Policy

  • The Calhoun Music Academy is a division of Brian Calhoun Music and Drums Inc. a registered NYS Small Business Corporation open to the General Public that offers all inclusive community classes and private lessons.

  • The Calhoun Music Academy is NOT a Medicaid Waiver Service, Day Program or Respite Program

  • The Calhoun Music Academy is a privately owned small business and is NOT affiliated with OPWDD or Medicaid services

  • All Staff who work for the Calhoun Music Academy are there to Teach/Instruct, Coach, organize and run Classes, Rehearsals, Performances, Trips and Events associated with the Calhoun Music Academy.

  • Calhoun Music Academy Staff are NOT DSP's (Direct Support Professionals) they are Class Instructors and Performance Directors exclusively and cannot legally provide Medical Support, Behavioral Support, Public Transportation Assistance, Protective Oversight or Supervision.

  • All Class Participants who receive Disability Services and need additional assistance (Medical, Behavioral, Transportation, Supervision)  are required to bring a DSP (Community, Self Direction, Residential, Respite or Day Program) Support Staff, Family Member, Guardian or Support Person to all rehearsals, events, performances and trips. 

  • An assigned Support Staff, Family Member or Support Person can help provide assistance to a small group of class participants as long as the Calhoun Music Academy Instructors are made aware that you are the support person for more than one individual for the duration of the class, rehearsal, event, performance or trip.

  • Class participants who are fully independent are not required to bring a support staff/person to rehearsals, events, performances and trips. 

  • Other levels of independence with minimal support needed will be determined and discussed with the Parent/Guardian on a case by case individual basis.

  • The Calhoun Music Academy Supervision Policy is in place to help ensure all class participants have the best instruction, experience and support possible at all rehearsals, events, performances and trips.

  • Any violation of this policy is strictly prohibited and may result in the class participant, Support Staff/Person being asked not to return.



All  policies are still under development at this time and will be finalized prior to starting in person rehearsals


2021 Policy Handbook

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