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$35   45mins - ZOOM Class

$80  90 mins - In Person Class


  & in person 

(14 & Up - All Levels & Abilities Welcome)


 Drumline  General Info

The Mission of the Calhoun Drum Academy "Drumline" is to provide all inclusive classes, rehearsals, performance opportunities and trips for adults of all abilities 18 & up.  

A Drumline is a group of percussionists who play Marching Drums.  Members of a Drumline play Marching Snare, Tenors (Quads), Marching Bass and Cymbals.  Drumline's march in parades, provide entertainment at sporting events, music concerts, corporate events and community events.  Drumline's can perform independently and are sometimes also part of a Marching Band or Drum & Bugle Corps.  

Our Drumline's main focus is to be an entertainment group that can perform at any event.  We also plan on performing in exhibition and competition at various world class marching arts events. 






Tenors (Quads)






Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Join?

  • The Calhoun Drum Academy "Drumline" is all inclusive and open to the general public for anyone 18 & Up.   

  • Teenagers 14 & Up may be considered on a case by case individual basis

  • We want our Drumline to be comprised of people from all walks of life, who come together to make music and entertain audiences

What Will I Learn?

  • You will learn how to play various Marching Percussion Instruments in a group setting, including Marching Snare, Tenors (Quads or Marching Multi-Toms), Marching Bass Drum and Marching Clash Cymbals.  Marching Drums may be placed on stands or you may be asked to wear the Marching Drum using a carrier during rehearsals and performances that require more movement.

  • You will learn drill (marching movement) and choreography along with drumming to help you develop exciting and entertaining performance routines alongside other members

  • Drum-Set is also used during rehearsals and performances.  Only experienced drummers are allowed to play the drum-set during rehearsals and performances.  No one member is officially assigned to the Drum-Set.  We rotate members based on their individual talents pertaining to the music that is being performed.

  • Drumline rehearsals teach you how play an instrument  and prepare you for performances with a group of other musicians and drummers.  Due to Drumline rehearsals and classes being taught in a large group setting the education you receive will be more performance based with minimal personal attention on your individual growth as a drummer.  

  • It is highly advised that all members take private drum lessons outside of Drumline through the Calhoun Drum Academy or another private teacher.  This will help you receive the education that is necessary to learn your instrument and continue to grow.  Members who do not take private drum lessons often struggle and never reach their full potential.

Are there benefits besides learning Drums and Music?

  • Drumline provides many additional benefits including improving members Discipline, Teamwork, Music Skills, Socialization, Life Skills, Work Ethic, Physical Fitness, Mental Health, Self Confidence, Community Integration through Inclusive Rehearsals, Performances, Events and Trips, in a Fun, Creative, Family Oriented Environment. 

Do I need to Audition?

  • Anyone can try a class for fun to determine if they would like to trial with the Drumline.

  • If you decide to officially trial with the Drumline, this will ultimately begin your formal audition process to see if you are a good fit for the Drumline.

  • Anyone who auditions is encouraged to try all the instruments, even if you have your heart set on one already.  Many hidden talents are found running the audition process this way that may not have been discovered otherwise.

  • Directors and Instructors will always make the final determination on what instrument you will be placed on based on your natural talents, interests, abilities, needs of the Drumline and where they feel your star will shine the brightest.

Is there a Trial Period?

  • Your trial period will last approximately two weeks. Your trial will include a private audition at the end based on the section, instrument and spot in the Drumline you are auditioning for.

  • In the event the person auditioning meets all standards, requirements, has a successful private audition and trial period, a decision will be made for you to join the Calhoun Drum Academy "Drumline" based on your musical ability, natural talents and chemistry with excising Drumline members.

  • Prior experience playing the drums or involvement in Drumline, Drum & Bugle Corps or Marching Band, is not required to audition, although it is preferred.

Do you Accept Everyone?

  • We cannot accept anyone at this time that needs extra behavioral support or medical support, as we do not have the behavioral support staff, or medical support staff on site during rehearsals and performances that can provide additional assistance.  

  • Our Drumline is planning to frequently perform at world class events out in the community, it is very important that we are confident that all members are able to follow the rules and are capable of conducting themselves in a mature professional manner to the best of their ability, at all times. Failure to do so may result in not being allowed to participate in Drumline.

  • The most important rule we have for anyone that wants to join Drumline is, "You have to want to be here!" The Calhoun Drum Academy "Drumline" only accepts people who display that they are extremely passionate, hardworking, dedicated individuals who want to learn and be the best they can be.

  • If you are selected to join the Calhoun Drum Academy "Drumline" you will be required to attend all rehearsals and performances that correlate with your section. Sufficient notice is required in the event you cannot attend a rehearsal or performance.

  • As much as we would like to be able to accept everyone that is eligible to join our Drumline, we have limited space and only certain positions available at this time. Our Drumline is always growing and expanding. If you have a good audition  and are not accepted at this time, unless otherwise stated, you will be placed on a waiting list and called back to audition again once the position you are best suited for becomes available.

Rehearsal Info

  • Please refer to the General Class Info page.  All information related to rehearsal info is under Frequently Asked Questions, What Classes Are Available?

Cost & Payment Info

  • Please refer to the General Class Info page under Frequently Asked Questions, How Do I Pay For Classes?

Instrument Info

  • We do have drums and instruments available for everyone to play at all in person rehearsals, some members may have to share instruments.   Members are encouraged to bring their own drum or practice pad with a stand to each in person rehearsal if they prefer to not share instruments.

  • We are currently seeking donations, sponsorships and endorsements for new instruments, including but not limited to Marching Cymbals, Drum Heads, Drum Sticks, Mallets and Marching Drum Stands (Snare & Tenors)

Uniform Info

  • Calhoun Drum Academy T-Shirts and other merchandise are currently being designed.  Once completed the merchandise will be used as our first uniforms

  • When we begin traveling to larger events we will seek an official uniform sponsorship

Performance & Trip Info

  • The Calhoun Drum Academy "Drumline" is a brand new group and still needs time to develop before we can book any performances or trips. 

  • As the world begins to slowly return to a new normal this will allow us ample time to properly prepare for future opportunities.

  • Our goal is to first start performing at small events on Long Island, gradually progressing towards larger events on Long Island, the tri-state area and one big trip per year.

  • The Cost of performances and trips will be determined on a case by case basis.  

Contact Brian to Book Your Class! (All you need is a practice pad & drum sticks to start)



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