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Wallace Family

Brian’s teaching techniques capture his students interests. He is very positive & influential with a huge if ankynt of talent & expertise.  He instills confidence in his students & reminds them to have fun while learning. Justine has learned so much & is so happy to be a part of Brian’s Drumline as well as taking private lessons. 

“You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.” - Clay P. Bedford



Brian is very thorough and explains everything! He has a lot of patience and he’s funny. I really like him and I am learning so much from Brian . I love playing the drums & practicing the stick tricks. 




The benefits of drum lessons with Brian Calhoun go far beyond the fun of playing along to songs. My son, who is a young adult with autism, has been taking virtual drum lessons with Brian for almost two years during the pandemic. Even over Zoom, Brian brings enthusiasm, professionalism, compassion, and fun to all his lessons. Brian has been teaching my son to read drum music, learn music theory, and play his favorite songs. But beyond that, Brian is also helping him to learn the benefits of trying new things, the importance of practice and discipline, and the feeling of confidence and satisfaction that comes with new achievements.  


Snider Family


Brian is compassionate, understanding and patient. We are very pleased with the progress he has made with the Calhoun Drum Academy and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for everyone! 




Brian is cool. He is my buddy. He’s a good teacher. I’m learning a lot from him.





My son has been working with Brian for quite a few years now. He has been taking lessons with him remotely for the past year. Brian has been great at expanding Thomas’ knowledge of music and increasing his skills with the drum. Taking lessons remotely has been easy, fun and rewarding. Brian is always compassionate and positive in his teaching.  He truly brings out the best in my child and does it always in a professional manner. 

Happy Drummer
Justine 2.jpeg



They broke the mold when they made Brian Calhoun. You will not find another instructor more talented, compassionate, dedicated, and patient than he.... there are not enough words to describe him.... he’s is versed in teaching all levels and abilities.....





Brian is extremely talented and patient. He has been a great influence to me and I know he will be a great Instructor to anyone who has the pleasure of working with him.
He is extremely experienced and has the skills to work with people of all abilities.




Brian is an excellent drum instructor! He is patient and knows what he is doing! My son has special needs. He has been working with Brian for many years. Brian was able to create the first special needs Drumline and they traveled from state to state for performances. I highly recommend him!!





My son Steven has been a student of Brian for about 9 years before COVID and now as an online student. Brian is an amazing teacher with the patience of a saint. You see my son is differently abled as were the students in our drum corps. Brian was able to bring out the best in each and everyone in the drum corps. We made new strides in our ability to learn new music and to perform in front of thousands of people. We had made history multiple times. We were in newspapers on news commentaries as well as movie screens . Brian is someone we were and are proud to be associated with. He has given our son a dream to reach for and self confidence and assuredness to reach his goals !!




Brian has worked with my son for 10 years. I have my son blossom into a fine musician with a smile on his face. He can't wait for his lesson each week.





Brian's passion for teaching and musical talent are outstanding for any and all skill levels. My son has excelled many levels under Brian's guidance. We give him the highest recommendation!





Brian Calhoun taught an entire Drum Corps of special needs adults. They traveled to competitions and exhibits all over the country, winning awards but more importantly it gave these men and women a feeling of self worth they could never achieve in any other setting. People that watched them perform were truly amazed. He showed courage and patience that are rare. I highly recommend his instruction to anyone at any age.



Joanne G.


Brian Calhoun taught my son at FREE an organization for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities. My son had never played the drums before. In less than 6 months he was playing like a pro under the direction of Brian. Brian instilled a sense of confidence, pride, and self-belief in my son that was never instilled in all his years of schooling; primary, secondary, and high school. Not to mention that Brian nurtured a strong work ethic in my son. It saddens us greatly to see Brian leave FREE; just one more sad event due to this horrible virus pandemic. Our loss is your gain. And there is no doubt of achievement or success for your son or daughter if they take drum lessons with Brian Calhoun.



Brian is an excellent drum teacher. He is a very talented performer, but he is most passionate about sharing his love for music and drums with anyone who is interested in learning. His passion and excitement are contagious! Brian’s kind, patient and respectful nature helps him connect with his students. He encourages them to develop their skills at their own pace, and builds their confidence while making learning and performing a fun experience. My son enjoyed working with Brian for many years and I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in beginning or expanding their skills on the drums. He is a gem!



Brian worked with my daughter jenny as part of Free drum corp. He is so patient and caring....and worked miracles with these disabled adults...enabling them to work together to perform as a marching band.




My daughter had taken lessons from Brian in the past for several years and we are so excited to be back again. Brian was always kind and patient with her (she has Down Syndrome). Everyone is always amazed at all the different stick tricks Brian has taught her too. He makes her feel confident in what she can do. He has so much experience as a musician as well. It is like taking lessons from a rock star!!




11 years ago I was in a real need for a music teacher for my son. Not many teachers had the patience and dedication to work with the mentally challenged students. Then Brian came to us and we were able to have such a great teacher. It changed my son's life and gave him opportunities that we only dreamed of for him. Now he is a musician and loves to play.




Brian is an excellent teacher. He is passionate about music and teaching.



Joseph Amadeo

My son ,who has special needs, was a member of the FREE Drum Corp for almost ten years. Brian was able to teach my son to be an effective member of the Color Guard. Brian was able to expand the Corp from 5 members to over 80. Brian's teaching methods for the Drumline resulted in standing ovations where ever the Corp performed. Brian's calm and low keyed approach to teaching enables his students to achieve their potential.




A very positive experience from a very nice person. Highly recommend!!!




Brian is dedicated, patient and very very good at teaching. Our special needs daughter loves him and has become an excellent drummer. I would highly recommend him.




Brian Calhoun introduced the Drums to my son and taught him over the last eight years. He has a great demeanor and knows how to connect to get the most out of each lesson. He has worked in home and now on-line.




Brian is a very good music teacher. My son Abrikane has learned so much from him, he is patient, understanding and caring on top of that he has great talent and a passion for music. He can also teach anyone who is willing to learn.




Brian is an excellent teacher. He helped my son to learn both the cymbals and drum. He is a patient and an enthusiastic person who gets the best from his students. My son had a wonderful experience with Brian and I

highly recommend him as a teacher.




Brian worked with my son James as part of the FREE Drum and Bugle Corps, which consists of differently abled individuals.
Brian has infinite patience and has the ability to bring out the best in each individual, and to really draw out their talent. He treats each individual very respectfully and I have never seen him be condescending in any way. Each member has grown in self confidence and
self worth.
FREE Drum and Bugle Corps has competed all over the country and is known literally worldwide. Brian started that group and enabled it to grow.

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